GMC Safari Van Types

There are four main van types created from the GMC Safari base.  Although it should be noted there are several offshoots from each category and a variety of both commercial and private applications for each type.  We highlight these four main types below for your reference with a brief descriptions and link out to our classifieds section for each.



One of the obvious uses for a the GMC Safari is as a passenger van.  With standard seating capacity up to 8 adults it is the perfect large family transport option.  GMC Safari Passenger vans are also used in the following people transportation applications.

  • School Transport (Home To School, Field Trips, etc)
  • Company Transport (Business Outings, Travel, Plant Tours, etc)
  • Travel Van (Touring, Road Trip, etc)
  • General Rental Van

PassengerThere are many other possible applications, these are just a few of the common usages.

Specialty passenger vans are also commonly outfitted with specific usage amenities such as televisions/entertainment, WiFi hotspot, window safety precautions and more.  Passenger vans sometimes professionally customized by Conversion companies might also include unique body modifications or other fabrication.  See the conversion category below for more information.

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The other core use for GMC Safari Vans is as a Cargo vehicle.  This could be for a variety of possible uses including some of the following:

  • Materials & Goods Hauling
  • Contractor Vehicle (Stores combination of materials and tools)
  • Mobile Professional Unit (i.e. Locksmith, Electrician, Plumber)
  • Local Delivery Service (i.e. Florist, Catering, etc.)

CargoOne of the big advantages of a cargo van over a pickup truck for most of these activities listed above is that it is enclosed unit allowing for more secure storage of valuable materials and expensive tools.

While a truck bed with a camper shell or lock box could accomplish the same goal; many professionals choose the cargo van for the flexibility and storage capacity.

A GMC Safari Cargo Van might be as simple as a regular base van with rear seating removed, however some cargo vans like other conversions are professional or DIY modified to accommodate unique applications.  This may include custom storage solutions, modular rear units, workbenches among other heavy duty racking.

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The Conversion category covers a wide range of GMC Safari Van types and applications.  Technically any professionally or DIY modified passenger, cargo or camper van could be considered a conversion.  The idea here is that the base model Safari is converted for a specific use or application.

ConversionOther conversions would include GMC Safari Box Trucks, Ice Cream Trucks, School Buses and other vehicles that use a GMC Safari chassis cab with an added on body extension.  Moving trucks, delivery vehicles and other similar vans would also fall into this category.

It is usually more common to see conversion vans manufactured by professional 3rd party companies, however it is also possible to see fairly complex homemade conversions.  This is particularly the case with independent contractors and other commercial professionals who will modify a standard GMC Safari Cargo Van for their unique purposes.

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CamperThe last major GMC Safari Van type is the Camper or campervan.  Rather it be simple cargo van with a mattress in the back or a fully self-contained Class B Motorhome and everything in between; this category encompasses it all.

The simple purpose of a GMC Safari Camper Van is to allow for both travel and sleeping in.  This is at the most base level, as more complex campers include cooking, storage, toilets, refrigeration and more.

Camper vans are one of the rare van types that are equally created by both professional 3rd party companies and weekend warriors.  Pro camper converters will often extend the roof to allow for standing, including possible bunk bed configurations.  Professional camper conversions will also commonly include a sink/counter/storage unit often with a propane stove, refrigeration unit and even sometimes a toilet.

DIY Homemade campers can be as simple as a sleeping setup in the rear but can often include more complex fabrication.  Custom storage solutions, waste disposal and other camping necessities are often incorporated into the rear area of a GMC Safari Cargo van.

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